World of warcraft dating infographic

This list is a subset of my gigantic user total report.

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Should we just keep an eye on “repeat offenders” and report it to the CEO when we have a number of cases? To be clear: I’m technically middle management, but I have no control over protocol or any other processes in the company.

Social media is a relatively new concept, having really only risen to prominence in the early/mid 2000’s, but it is something that has penetrated and shaped almost every aspect of our daily lives.

Social media have permanently changed communications, marketing, advertising, journalism and many, many other areas.

I’m middle management in the technical support department, and we have a live chat system that we use to interact with customers.

We usually have our pictures up in the chat window so people know who they’re talking to, and the women have a tendency to get hit on pretty frequently (myself included). However, there is one woman who started in the last year that gets hit on fairly regularly, and today a man in online chat was way too forward for comfort.

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    On Monday, December 18th, Conservatives all across Twitter waited with bated breath to see if they would be included in the so-called, ‘Twitter Purge of 2017.’ Rumors were floating all over that Jack would be targeting evil Conservatives with Twitter’s new TOS (terms of service), and even prominent voices with blue checks were concerned they might be suspended.