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I have always gotton good honest service on my cars.It is a little far to drive but it is worth the trip to find real VW people.These guys went well out of their way to make me feel "right at home".

He refused to take anything but cash in exchange for returning my vehicle.

Shop Rating: Excellent Recommended Report Date: Anonymous writes: My mechanic called Mitchell four times for parts yesterday with no return call.

I drove there this morning at and it was not open. Shop Rating: Avoid Report Date: Mark Cumnock writes: Things have changed since I worte a previous postive review. I was told they had what I needed, said they would call me back.

1 mile from the University of Alabama at Huntsville...... 1200 miles later the car lost power on the interstate and I had to be towed 300 miles back home.

Took it back and they never did any diagnostics to find problem.

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