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It’s a film about the amazing journey of Carley Allison as she refuses to let this devastating illness derail her from leading a life filled with love, romance, laughter and joy.

The story follows her relationship with her new boyfriend John (Luke Bilyk, ) while dealing with high school, prom, and her skating career through chemotherapy.

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Sarah Fisher, as mentioned above, was one of Carley’s closest friends and was determined to honour Carley.

She wanted to ensure she portrayed her strength, courage and “brightness” with realism, sensitivity and love.

Many of the scenes were filmed in locations where they actually occurred, including Carley’s bedroom, home, school, and skating rink.

By the age of 19, Carley had become a Youtube sensation, sung at the Air Canada Centre and made medical history, but perhaps her greatest achievement was in reminding us that we all have something to smile about.

Relationships: It’s in our darkest times and our greatest struggles that our bonds and relationships are tested.

Get inspired by her blog, help others by donating to her foundation, immerse yourself in her enchanting music, be astonished by her media following, or learn about upcoming events and fundraisers to keep her fight raging on.

Doesn't matter what mood I'm in, the second I listen to great music it just reminds me how remarkable this world is. 😭😭Thank you so so much for this incredible and emotional movie ❤️❤️❤️ Lots of Love to you and Carley Allison ❣️❤️ #Rest In Peace Carley Allison I can’t tell you how many times I have watched Kiss and Cry.

There was something about her that I had never encountered with anyone else before.

She was very bright, it was as if she had a brightness head-to-toe beaming from her.

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