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Phan’s relation with her stepdad was good at the beginning but later it turned out equally bad so they had to move out.At the age of 17, Phan started to work as a waitress to help her mother.American makeup demonstrator and entrepreneur, Michelle Phan was known as a struggling waitress who helped her family financially by becoming You Tube makeup guru and eventually a beauty superstar.It did not take Phan long to become the second most-subscribed-to female on You Tube, ahead of Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga.

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On August 15, 2013, Phan combined with L’Oreal Group and launched EM by Michelle Phan (EM; Vietnamese world for a little sister or sweetie).Im readily available day and night to my clients dating portland premiere site.Joey worked for charities for 12 years before he became a real estate broker.Unfortunately, Phan’s mother was left heartbroken when her husband left her and never came back for an unknown reason.Later Michelle Phan’s mother got married and Phan got a little half-sister, Christine.

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