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Their sixth roommate, Laura Chant, was an Australian witch who was working as the liaison from the land of Oz to the International Federation of Wizards. Though it stung that he couldn't trust her with this information, she knew that secrecy must be very important to keep him from telling her. She'd risen to greet him (and inspect him for damages) but he hadn't been in a very talkative mood.

He had very irregular hours; he'd be home for days and then gone for a week..he often came home injured. Only when he was standing before her did she notice that he was holding in his hands the tattered, splintered remains of his broomstick.

Despite her fatigue the sight of her home brought a smile to her face.

It was an imposing stone mansion covered with odd bits of sculpture and full of nooks and crannies..the inside was warm and inviting.

It always seemed to reach towards her as she approached and welcome her with a sigh of relief that she had returned safely.

Its size was impressive: fifteen bedrooms, thirteen baths, two dining rooms, porches, gazebos, indoor glassed-in gardens..might have wondered how six wizards and witches in their mid-twenties could afford such an edifice. The house had been vacant for years when she and her five housemates had banded together to purchase it..reputation had been bad. They'd performed all the cleansing spells they could think of and so far hadn't seen anything out of the ordinary. "What are you doing sitting here alone in the dark?

She understood all too well his feelings, for she had been dating Ron for almost a year at the time of his death, but the anger and grief had for a time turned Harry into someone she didn't know.

Eventually his quest for retribution had almost cost him his life and the lives of several other students..event which seemed to wake him from the months-long trance he'd fallen into.

Harry's most famous deed was vanquishing Voldemort on the eve of his own graduation from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry...a deed for which Hermione, among others, owed Harry her life. She'd pulled his butt out of the fire enough times to consider the score settled. Harry's enmity towards Voldemort, already potent, had become an all-consuming thirst for revenge after that, to the point that Hermione feared he might lose himself in it.

She had set herself a punishing schedule of seminars, master classes and projects and there didn't seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish everything.

She always ended up reading her journals in bed with a cup of tea...tonight she was tackling her backlog of "The Journal of the International Casting Society" and the newly-arrived "Herbological Letters." The odds were good that she'd wake up the next morning with her face planted in the pages of one of these scholarly publications.

The characters of Laura Chant, Sorry Carlisle and the entire Carlisle family are borrowed from the excellent Margaret Mahy novel The Changeover. Author's Notes: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HARRY POTTER AND THE PARADIGM OF UNCERTAINTY Chapter 1: Arrivals and Departures Hermione Granger tramped up the stone steps leading to her home, her footfalls heavy and dispirited.

Her shoulder sagged under the weight of her bag, full as it was of volumes she was bringing home to read.

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