Who is lionel richie dating

Brenda had difficulties having children, so she and Richie fostered Nicole at the age of three from one of his back-up musicians, a drummer named Peter Escovedo.(Nicole's mother, a backstage assistant, has never been named.) The Richies formally adopted her five years later and they broke up when she was ten. Let me show you how."'It says a lot about Richie that, when Nicole was deep in drugs and booze, he accompanied her into rehab in Tucson, Arizona.

Like my dear friend Elizabeth Taylor said once, "It's the first one you have to get over." "After that, you kind of know what's coming.'The only person alive to match him is Bob Dylan and, as we all know, Bob can't sing. So, it's: "Would you excuse me one minute so I can step out to the car? 'I've tried over the years to manoeuvre things into their proper place.Lionel's worked in so many different types of music, from disco to R&B to pop to rock, and he's been successful in all of them. Voices often go in the mid-forties, but his is still incredible.''I'm possessed, is the best way I can describe it,' is Richie's view. I sat down to write a slow song and "All Night Long" came out.And I've been down this road before, so I know I'll recover.What's been excellent for me is I've had my writing and the studio to go to, so I'm not just sitting around idle. When the going gets tough, you get real busy.'He grins; the 55-year-old singer certainly exudes full-on, glossy confidence.

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