What does god say about dating non believers

and find somebody who gets what you get about faith,” Jakes added.He said that the issue of homosexuality is “complex.” “Paul spends a lot of time wrestling back and forth, trying to understand should a woman wear a head covering, should you cut your hair,” Jakes stated.“If we can divide—or what you would call separation of Church and State—then we can dwell together more effectively because atheists, agnostics, Jews, all types of people, Muslims, pay into the government.The government then cannot reflect one particular view over another just because we’re the dominant group of religious people in [this] country because those numbers are changing every day,” he asserted.Every day-hour-minute-second-instant we are choosing to react to life as our ego dictates, or live-life (consciously) as our Soul seeks to Be.What we choose to do tells us who we are and what drives us (up to this point in the incarnation); No matter what happens, now and in the future; all we have to really worry about taking care of is our SOUL for it is that part of us that lives on and on growing us from life to life.the Ego manifesting its predation and thus control the personality to do this or that.Looking at it all as the Big Picture, from above as it were; we are our own soul, interconnectedness to all Souls; who happen to be living in the material body that has Egos, during this round or incarnation.

While we provide for the physical needs of the people, we seek to provide the eternal hope only found in Jesus Christ through the word of God.In his comments on Monday, Jakes advocated for the separation of Church and State, which would allow for “all types of people” to have whatever rights they desire despite biblical prohibitions.He said that politics don’t need to be based on Christianity.Would you join us by making a donation today to this important work?We welcome readers to comment on stories, but we will not tolerate remarks containing profanity, vulgarity, violence, blasphemy, all caps or any discourteous behavior.

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