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Let's start just with your email: personal messages, bills from utilities and insurance carriers and financial communications from your bank and credit cards all land in your email inbox.

With this info, a hacker can visit your online accounts and request new passwords. Right to your email, where the hacker is camping out just waiting for them.

With these keys to your online and financial life, a cybercrook has more than enough to steal your identity, wipe out your existing accounts and set up new ones to ring up thousands in debt that will show up on your credit report that lenders will expect you to pay back. Anyone who uses Apple gadgets probably already knows that Apple runs a pretty tight ecosystem.

But that confidence bubble keeps bursting as we hear more and more cleverly designed malware targeting i Phones and i Pads.

The bug was already patched by Apple, but this attack illustrates how a simple message can be used to steal valuable information from i OS users, in this case, sensitive data from an activist.

But if you are unknowingly tricked into installing malware, and you are completely unaware that it is stealing your personal information, how can you tell if your gadget is infected?

If you suspect that restoring your phone to factory settings didn't do the trick, then feel free to take the phone to Apple's Genius Bar.

They have system-scanning software that detects and removes any hidden files.

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