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Last night, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia celebrated its 100th episode.

While the Gang still rarely leaves Paddy’s Pub, that doesn’t mean its members haven’t changed over the years. But as the old saying that Charlie would no doubt mangle horribly goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Still, on rare occasions — and always owing to some exploitative scheme — Paddy’s Pub has actually made money.

The Gang Opens Up (4 episodes)Despite their infinite capacity to argue among themselves and conspire against each other, the Gang has been known to bare their souls on occasion — though not always intentionally.

All paper products are basically the same, made entirely from cellulose fibers (extracted from wood). When you wash your clothes and dry them in the dryer, some of the fibers in the clothes come off, and that’s what makes the lint.

If you look at lint under a microscope, it looks like this: You can see it’s made from all different kinds of fibers, all different colors.

The Gang Commits a Pennsylvania State Felony (13 episodes)Luckily for the Gang, they live in a state where (for example) causing bodily injury with a deadly weapon only counts as a misdemeanor.But the glimpses that the show has given us suggest he might have cut more shady business deals than Bear Stearns. the Ivory Tower (6 episodes)Museum curators, lab scientists, school principals, and even frat boys: For one reason or another, the Gang just doesn’t fit into the rarefied world of academia.The Gang Goes Viral (6 episodes)Apart from each other, the Gang doesn’t exactly have a lot of friends.But once in a while, even alone time in his “bad room” isn’t enough to keep Charlie’s internal demons at bay.(Note: The hour-long “A Very Sunny Christmas” is officially counted as two episodes.) The Gang Suffers a Major Injury (8 episodes)I don’t know if it’s the inhalants or the yearly dose of trash-can “microbrew,” but every member of the Gang has shown a remarkable resistance to toxins, poisons, electricity, and all manner of physical punishment.

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