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The gun room was in the stern area of the gun deck, to which passengers had no access due to it being the storage space for powder and ammunition for the ship's cannons and any other weapons belonging to the ship.

The gun room might also house a pair of stern chasers, small cannons used to fire out the stern of the ship.

Other items included most of their clothing and bedding.

The hold also stored the passengers' personal weapons and military equipment – armor, muskets, gunpowder, and shot, as well as swords and bandoliers.

Surviving records from that time indicate that she could certainly accommodate 180 casks of wine in her cargo hold.

The casks were great barrels holding hundreds of gallons of claret wine each.

The Pilgrim ship Mayflower was square-rigged and beak-bowed with high, castle-like structures fore and aft that served to protect the ship's crew and the main deck from the elements—designs that were typical with English merchant ships of the early 17th century.

She probably measured about 100 feet (30 m) in length from the forward end at the beak of her prow to the tip of her stern superstructure aft.It is not known when and where the Mayflower was built, but it is likely that she was launched at Harwich in the county of Essex, England.She was designated as "of Harwich" in the Port Books of 1609–11, although later known as "of London".This was a ship that traditionally was heavily armed while on trading routes around Europe, due to the possibility of encountering pirates and privateers of all types.And with its armament, the ship and crew could easily be conscripted by the English monarch at any time in case of conflict with other nations.

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