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Ladies by year 1860 - 1952 Mounts (victorian mounts to help frame an old photo) Printable Victorian Album Pages (list 142) Selected Photographic Studios2012 Welcome to my site - Victorian and Edwardian Photographs from my own collection of antique photographs - All of the pages here now open in my new main site, everything is accessable from the links on this page, the old links should you want them, are at the bottom of this page but all have been replaced by new links.

He puts it onto the table between us and gives the lady on the front a pat.

'Not long after my first purchase I found these photos by Felix Moulin of Manet's model for Olympia.

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'I bought my first erotic photograph in the mid-1980s,' Danny Moynihan tells me.

This might have been considered saucy, intended to represent the haste of the liaisons, or it may simply have been cold in the photographers' studios. 'I adore this one, early 1850s woman, but you can hardly notice the pussy.' I raise my eyebrows.

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They were rather more expensive but it set me thinking about making a collection of erotic photos.'The model lying naked on the couch is unquestionably the sublime woman in the iconic painting, whose body is instantly recognisable to all connoisseurs of fine art.

'Manet worked a lot from photographs, rather than live models,' Moynihan explains.'It's well documented.

If you look at his pictures you can see they are unmistakably photographic.'Moynihan would certainly object to his collection being described as filth.

I showed them to a few friends and enjoyed their reaction of shock, surprise and delight.'It is no longer only Moynihan's friends who will be surprised, possibly delighted, by the photographs.

Nearly a third of his collection has been reproduced in a substantial coffee-table book being brought out by the art publisher Other Criteria.

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