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The induction was held at the annual RCA Awards Banquet, which also included renowned new awardees such as Ulrich Rohde, Eli Brookner, and James Breakall At the RCA Tech Symposium, FRACTAL’s Ryan Thistle and Nathan Cohen showcased our new FM/R technology with the presentation: ”Fractal Metamaterials and a New Class of Directional Antennas”, along with a fascinating demo.The presentation, viewed by dozens of top scientists and engineers, won first prize for “Best Technical Presentation”. SEE the slides here: Symp2017FRACTAL is proud to have developed a new fractal-based antenna technology that will have broad use and significance in wireless applications.Another great example of folks using fractal antennas: enabling but low key.

The switch of innovation first connected for Nathan Cohen 30 years ago at an astronomy conference in Balaton, Hungary, listening to a lecture by Benoit Mandelbrot.Noting the emergence of the fractal paradigm shift, Cohen notes: “For years I couldn’t interest anyone in a fractal antenna ‘primer’ article.Then, in the last few years, the explosion of foreign fractal antenna research papers hit, an amazing avalanche of external validation.Today, fractal antennas and related technology enjoy wordwide application, and validation in over 2000 publications.We are proud to have been the pioneers, inventors, and, today, the ‘Go-To’ source for this remarkable technology.

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