Updating my home

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When coding my website, I save HTML and CSS docs then refresh my browser to see the changes.

If you are into the country look why not try filling only some of the cracks maybe every third one or so and leaving the wider spaces on the board and it will look like that expensive colonial paneling.

Or only do half the wall and use a chair rail to divide the smooth from the regular paneling. Take them down and sand lightly, coat with Kilz then paint your choice of color.

Doris I lived in a mobile home for 5 years and here is what I learned. Anything that can be used in a conventional house can be used in a mobile.

What about siding or putting on a peaked roof facade? First, I washed the paneling with TSP to get any oil or furniture spray that had been used to preserve the paneling then I coated it with primer before painting.

In my living room I used spackle to go between the paneling.

However when I refresh the HTML changes are seen but the CSS changes aren't.

Instead what I would have to do is close the window and reopen it again to see my CSS changes. All I can think of is there is a problem with your browser's cache.

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