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In the example of the Ole Db Execution object in Listing 5-59, the Error collection of the exception is looped through after the exception is thrown, and both the error messages and the error codes are placed in a string to be printed out in a Message Box control. Utilizing the Ole Db Error Collection Listing 5-60 used the Sql Server Exception class. The Sql Error is a bit more extensive in that it can tell you more an error than the Ole Db Error. Sql Error Properties Info Message Event Handler: Listening to Warnings Information or warning message is sometimes produced after a query is executed on a database. NET project: The message Box in this code shows the first information message passed in form the Info Message Event argument.

You print the server name, message, and error code in a message box. This event argument contains an Error Collection much the same way an Exception object contains an Error Colelction.

With the Sql Data Source, we need to provide SQL statements (or stored procedures) to execute.

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Figure 2: Select the Delete Query Property from the Properties Window provide a value for this parameter (leave its Parameter source at None ).

After that you assign a new SQL Insert to the Command Text and save the current transaction savepoint before executing the query. Finally, you assign a new SQL Insert to the Command Text and save the current transaction save point before executing the query. If there's an exception, then you can roll back the whole transaction (see figure 5-44). Message after rolling back the entire transaction when an exception is thrown Catching Errors The Error class is an aggregate of Exception and can be utilized by a try-catch block when an exception is thrown to get information about the error.

The Error is populated as a collection in the Exception object.

After that, by calling Begin Transaction on the connection.

You can return a Sql Transaction object, which you can use together with your Command object.

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