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You only need to pass the ACi T 2017 i OS Service Certification Exam (i OS-17A) to be ACi T 2017 certified. How is ACMT 2017 different from previous ACMT certifications?

When I complete the requirements for ACi T 2017, will I get a printed certificate? After you pass the required exams, send an email to [email protected] ask for a certificate. ACMT 2017 qualifies a technician to repair all the Mac products that were covered by prior ACMT certifications, plus all other Mac products that were produced before 31 December 2016. Self-paced training for these exams is available in ATLAS, and instructor-led training is also available from Learn Quest, an Apple Authorized Global Training Provider. If you're certified for the Mac products you need to repair, no new exams are required.

Apple Care will continue to maintain the current array of Mac qualification exams.

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What will I have to do to service new i OS products that are introduced after I'm certified?You must pass these sections in order to pass the exam as a whole. You can retake an exam 24 hours after completing the last attempt. Both of these exams are available from Pearson VUE. Before you can register for the ACi T 2017 i OS Service Certification Exam (i OS-17A), you must pass the Apple Service Fundamentals Exam (SVC-17A). These training kits aren't available in all countries and regions. You have to complete these courses to service these new products. If you've completed the SVC-16A exam for ACi T 2016, the ACi T exam will be available until July 24, 2017.My business or school has a large installed base of Apple products. Apple's Self-Servicing program allows its program participants to service and repair their own products at their site. You can take the exams online from your own computer. Until then, completion of SVC-16A and i OS-16A exams will still grant you ACi T 2016 certification, but it won't cover as many products.You can take the exams online from your own computer. You only need to take and pass the ACMT 2017 Mac Service Certification Exam (MAC-17A) to be ACMT 2017 certified.Will separate Mac qualification exams still be available?

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