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Plaintiff's attorney Francis Malofiy says he lost his case on a technicality and indicated he may appeal the verdict.

Malofiy says it's unfair the jury was unable to listen to the sound recording of Spirit's 1968 instrumental "Taurus" and instead were limited to hearing an expert performance of the registered sheet music.

Sometimes, I even dispense unsolicited advice based on personal experiences on matters such as staying faithful, and which awkward scenarios couples should expect to face in the sack.

With a baby waking up three times in one night prior to today I’m exhausted with a headache by the time night rolls around.

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"For a band that has been dogged by claims of copyright claims for decades, this is going to reduce their six other settlements to a footnote," Sammataro says of Led Zeppelin.

Michael Keyes says this would be an especially steep one.

“I wouldn’t be all that jazzed about appealing on that basis if I were in the plaintiff’s shoes,” Keyes says.

You're told to either wait until marriage or to wait until it's with someone you love.

However, that's not always the case, Whether I’m writing about joining the mile high club, attending a “kissing party”, or the joy that comes with not caring about pubic hair, I often address my sex life directly.

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