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23 year old Michael suggests scaring the hell out of your date. Need to get out of a relationship that isn’t going anywhere?Michelle, 33, of American Paranormal Investigations suggests lying. I told him I wanted to see someone else.” Got the hots for a ghost hunter? “Tell them your place is haunted with things happening that are recordable, like moving objects.” Ok, so the paranormal investigators may not be the most honest dates, they certainly aren’t slutty either.EW: I have been called a “fat bitch” by so many people. The Frisky: So what does “fat bitch” mean to you now—is it still hurtful or is it a term of endearment? Ultimately, if you are called something enough, you will start to believe it if you do not have a strong sense of self! So call me whatever you want, I’m still going to live my life.

Most of my scenes were with Gabby [Sidibe], the lead in the movie. The Frisky: I also hear you have a one woman comedy show called “Fat Bitch.” What’s up with that name? EW: I get called “fat bitch” by strangers as well as friends.

“My boyfriend and I actually met over a case of demonic infestation, so go figure.” Ah, romance.

From the depths of the internet comes a guest advice column that is almost too good to be true: “Dating Advice from Paranormal Investigators.” Written in early 2008, the column features advice from four upstanding citizens of the ghost hunting community, including a pre- Want to get laid?

Dating is all about trial and error, so it makes total sense that most of us flock to some tried-and-true dating advice to help us get through it.

And when things don’t exactly work out like they do in our dreams, it’s totally natural to assume we’re doing something wrong.

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