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You’re not leasing some assembled drywall and roofing shingles; you’re selling an and a feeling.

Because hosting falls into the “hospitality” industry, you’re competing on great customer service — which means you learn these skills quickly.

Traditional rentals are “commodities.” You’re leasing four walls and a roof, plus the most bare-bones level of service (urgent repairs). Your role is closer to that of a hotel concierge than a landlord.

You offer guests a complimentary bottle of water; provide directions to nearby landmarks; answer questions about the weather.

These guests aren’t asking the liquor store or the bridal-gown shop for a discount; why should they expect one from me?

traditional long-term leasing, after adjusting for the added expenses. (By the way, if you’re interested in hosting, check out these amazing tools for Airbnb hosts.) This is remarkably similar to the monthly average I concluded during the 8-month update, which shocks me, since I had a three-week vacancy in December around the holidays.

We’re analyzing a larger sample size, so outlier months don’t skew the results as much.

My theory is that they’re comfortable asking because: “I understand your budget might be tight.

I recommend searching Airbnb for listings that are in shared units (roommate-style), which are cheaper than renting a private home.

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