Tricia helfer nathan fillion dating

She says if you ever need to quit, to ask Nathan the story he told Katee Sackhoff.- Katee auditioned for Castle and it was the "worst audition of my life." Afterwards, Nathan told her "It's okay, Katee, don't worry about it" cause it was fairly obvious how terrible she was, haha.- Katee enjoyed every second of working on Nip/Tuck, but it wasn't her show, so she left in the hopes of finding a role on a show that spoke to her more.

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She still doesn't know what a Taft Hartley is.- On day one of working on BSG, she & Olmos were told that Starbuck & Adama were definitely not Cylons.- Went to great lengths to look skinny on stage, haha. Wray is the begrudging guest of sci-fi conventions, comic book store appearances, and different pop culture events; however, everything is not as it seems from the outside.The series will explore these events and all the weird and crazy things that happen to them along the way.Katee didn't seem to happy about the replacement choice, but stayed polite about it, not commenting on how she felt about the situation.- Katee went to Six Flags with Seth Green and they bought capes and ran around and were big kids all day. - She was raised Catholic, but isn't religious- In 2003, had to pick between doing Battlestar and NCIS."It worked out." :)- When shooting Battlestar she went home on the weekends, which was very difficult on her relationship.

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