Totally interracial dating sites for black men

They eliminate all of the Black men who have ever been to jail because someone who has been incarcerated is no longer "good." Setting aside social questions over whether this is a fair reason to eliminate someone, what about all of the women who have also been incarcerated.

Don't the qualifications need to hold steady on both sides of this equation?

I try really hard not to be dismissive of conversations about how Black women feel about this particular interracial pairing, and I am definitely not trying to be dismissive of the fact that there are power dynamics in play when it comes to why white men and Black women don't pair up in the same numbers.

These are all conversations we should have, but they are societal, systemic conversations.

All of the rest of the qualifiers are too one sided to be of any use.But because this infographic makes some assumptions about people in relationships such as mine, I bristled.Upon bristling, I did some further examination of the statistics presented in this infographic.Black women have a 3.6% chance of going to prison (and since this infographic rounds up Black men's chances from 28.5% to 30%, let's just go ahead and call it 4%). When we get to the one about obesity, we definitely need to examine it more closely.First of all, it's appalling to suggest that someone cannot be obese and attractive and it's downright statistically untrue to suggest that someone cannot be obese and fit.

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