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She also started plans to renovate Miscavige's living quarters and had some of his things boxed up and moved to a temporary housing unit.

Janis does not know if this was the catalyst for whatever happened to Shelly.'Shelly's whereabouts have never been publicly confirmed by anyone within the church of Scientology.

Clarisse, Janis observed, did not have a close relationship with her mother, nor, it transpired did her younger sister Michelle, know by all as Shelly.

She said: 'A friend who knew them both in LA before they came to the ship said she never saw any sign of their mother.

The couples vacationed together, skiing at Big Bear and lodging first in a cabin and later in condominiums bought by the church.

But while Janis recalled Miscavige as being good company, Shelly was always aloof.

Others who knew the couple have stated that they never once saw Miscavige or Shelly kiss, touch or hug each other in all their years of marriage.

Janis said: 'Like everybody they had their ups and downs, but you definitely knew that it was Dave who wore the pants in the family.'Shelly listened to what Dave had to say.'But, however apparently cool the relationship was, at least publicly, it was one from which Shelly benefited at first as Miscavige rose to power.

When she was employed as his assistant she basked in the job of being the 'enforcer' of his orders. Dave would do things and she would chase up his orders and this would just drive everybody nuts.'She would take her notes and it was her job to make sure she got compliance to those orders.'She set up a system hat would just send out to us these automatic nudges and here you are trying to manage internationally and handle different things, or keep an affluence going or keep an expansion going and it's like you've got this bee that keeps coming and stinging you and won't leave you alone.'That's how she was.She described them as these two girls clutching each other and always hanging out together but there was never a parent around.'Neither of Shelly's parents joined the Sea Org but they let both of their daughters sign up at an early age. She was very loyal to Hubbard but she was not one that you could say, "Take this project and run with it," because she wasn't experienced enough or had enough street smarts about her to make her own decisions.'Shelly was not, Janis said, well educated: 'She probably went to fifth grade maybe and that was it because when she came to the ship we didn't have school.'We had three hours of reading and writing and arithmetic but that doesn't teach you critical thinking.Shelly became shunned by many of her Scientology peers (mostly teenage girls) because she was a 'moody' and 'jealous' and bragged about dating Miscavige (Pictured on her wedding to David in 1982 - right is her older sister Clarisse)From the get go Shelly was utterly devoted to Hubbard, Janis recalled, but socially awkward and shunned by the rest of his Commodore Messengers - all teenage girls. And she was a loner.'Shelly gained a reputation among the other girls for being moody and for taking so long over her hair, make-up and outfits that often, when the rest of the messengers were going ashore on a 'liberty' (leaving the ship) they would simply leave her behind.Years later, Janis said: 'I remember her bringing up to me how she did not like me back on the ship because I would go on liberty without her.'Looking back she admitted: 'Shelly was a lot younger than the rest of us so she did have that disadvantage.But she didn't have a very good relationship with the core messengers.'Certainly, when Shelly set her sights on snagging David Miscavige there was no love lost between her and any potential rivals.

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