Tips getting back into dating game

Once you can use your divorce as a learning experience, you will be much better equipped to determine if you are making the right decision on choosing a new partner — but again, getting to that point takes time.

While interesting conversation is now more vital than ever when it comes to dating, don’t get caught up in the details of your divorce on the first few dates.

Attractive young couple drinking wine and flirting " data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" / It can be hard to put yourself back into the dating scene after a divorce.

Having been in such a committed, long-term relationship can make just the mere thought of single life absolutely terrifying.

Take time to get your finances settled, get back into a routine, take care of yourself physically as well as emotionally, rediscover passions for old hobbies and generally just recover from the storm that recently passed.

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Go in with the idea that you’ll either meet a great partner, a good network or a new friend.Even if your marriage was a disaster, you are bound to have picked up a little more knowledge and perception about the things women like than in your past single life.If nothing else, simply adding the clichés you see in movies and TV to your romantic repertoire is easy and really can’t hurt your game.Once you can get over the initial fear of wondering whether you are doing things completely wrong, you’ll notice that dating is much more relaxed than when you were younger.You can be honest without being fake, listen and actually care what the other person is saying and draw from life experiences new and interesting topics of conversation.

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