Tips for dating your spouse

The issue becomes serious when parents don’t know how to resolve their disagreements with dignity and respect.

Children grow up seeing constant conflict and hearing their parents bicker.

If you say to me that children should be exposed to parental fighting because that is real life, then I say to you that our children are exposed to enough pain and challenges in this world of ours.

Hostility between parents should not be exposed to your children.

You blame your partner and now you grow even angrier.

Kids wish that their home would be a happy home, one without yelling, arguing, or emotional withdrawals.

Children cannot grow up thinking that it is okay to belittle, yell, scream, intimidate, mock, threaten, put down, or be hostile to one another just because you have a difference of opinion.

Of course it goes without saying that physical violence – grabbing, shoving, or any other means of physical assault is out of the question.

She is just a little girl but she has seen too much.

A 10 year old asked if she could speak with me privately.

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