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Deputies say that some of his coworkers were going to play a prank on him, but found pornographic material on his laptop.

Robison was fired from the church and employees called authorities.

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K., who joins her backstage at a club in Atlantic City for a heart-to-heart about making it in comedy. And they sent me I think his pilot and one episode. You don’t want to be making the same Casey Anthony jokes or something? In your doc you said, “This is how Marie Antoinette would live if she had money.” Louie is not my age yet. During an investigation, officials sorted through more than 3,000 videos and 350,000 pictures and found recorded videos from a video chat website of Robison engaged in inappropriate acts with young girls, including one who said she was 14 years old.Detectives found several chat sessions from the website "Omegle" and Skype, which Robison recorded with screen capture software.The videos go back several years and include out of state victims.Some of the chats involved the same 14-year-old girl, who said Robison had also expressed interest in meeting her in person.

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