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The movie dates, dinner dates, skate park dates, etc.Wilder was the perfect gentleman during huge events Mr. Guest's and future clients would always comment on what a great and adorable couple Amanda Pierce and Wilder Wilder were.

"We can skateboard in the house.""No, Amanda responds."Oh, darn." Wilder exclaims Amanda then leans over to Wilder and whispers something in his ear with a giggle."Even better," Wilder says with a smile as Amanda takes him by the hand as they head to her bedroom.Amanda Pierce and Wilder Wilder enter Amanda's humongous bedroom that Wilder Wilder has only been in a few times for no more than a few minutes in the two months they have been together.The two were on summer vacation still waiting to go back to EC High for there Senior year.Amanda Pierce and Wilder Wilder sit on the bed holding hands. " Wilder says lovingly and adds "I Love You, I'm in no hurry to do this.Amanda and Wilder did have oral sex for the first time last week but this was going to be a whole new experience for the two lovebirds. Wilder loved how Amanda tasted between her thighs and Amanda just loved the taste of Wilder's hard cock filling up her mouth. Amanda also loved playing with Wilder's cock after the fact. I want to of course, but I just want you to know I could wait till marriage or whenever.

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