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Normally, Thai bargirls sit down beside a customer for a little chit-chat, but these Kitten Club ladies we encountered explained "we have no time". Well, I paid my bill and on the way to their bathroom I met the girls again.

They were hiding in a corner, drinking Whiskey and using their smart phones for chat. Travel and Fun blog by Major Grubert has some stunning photos of Songkran in Pattaya.

A small tip and the girls come to do more than just sit on you lap. Nobody will miss them when they don't participate anymore.

You can see some of their models in Pinup photography on Pacific Beauty. Angel Witch bar offers more than most girlie agogo bars at it features sensual shows with exotic uniforms and lingerie. It is said, that some of them have been featured on Thai Girls Wild website and Asian Apple Seed.

I went there with my friend and we watched Pattaya dancers do their pole dancing routine and agreed to buy them a drink.

They are picked up by spycams out of Tuk Tuks while walking back home from work as dancers or beergarden ladies. Located in a complex with many other agogo bars on Soi 15, What's Up Agogo is one of the most central Pattaya Walking street bars.Nice galleries of a relaxed place with satellite TV, cold beers and female companions to hold your hand.A little rant about the Kitten Club, one of the most boring agogo bars in Pattaya imho.His girl introduced him by saying 'This is my father.' My friend did not know what to say and then her father asked him for more money since he gave so much tip to his daughter, who is a known Thai pornstar. Their prime opening hours are afternoon compared to Walking Street bars that open after sunset, only.The establishments in Soi 6 are geared towards budget tourists.

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