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Enterprise will knowingly rent a car that was damaged by the previuos renter, they just never caught it on the check in when it was returned, they will then claim it on the next renter (you) if they don't notice the dent when they sign for the car.

Enterprose rent a car has a 0 Dent Scam that is a National issue..up all of the reports on .company stinks...In the end, the manager stated to me numerous times that this matter was resolved, she’ll pay for the repairs (which I still maintained were not necessary since there was a complete discrepancy between her claims and mine), I will be charged nothing for any of this, and that the whole incident is totally finished and I’ll never hear about it again.She said she would lose money personally resolving the problem in this way (because, according to her, the car would have to be repaired from the profits the branch took in which would then reduce the percentage of profits she would later be paid).I subsequently did so, giving the rented car’s keys to one of the car dealer’s service department workers who told me that everything would be fine as they did this kind of thing all the time.However, on Monday morning, I received a call from the manager of the now open Enterprise branch claiming that the car had been returned with damage and that I needed to come down and see it for myself.

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