Strategy dating sim middle east dating personals

Selling the girls give a nice amount of cash to buy the next one, it`s quite interesting..especially with some girls that has different abilities I can`t get this game to work.One suggestion I would make would be to insert animations in place of the action illustrations to emphasise `taking care of business`.

The graphics could be better and more sex could be in the game, but its not bad all things considered. First, there`s the limit of choices for girls and then how many you can have at a time.When I am playing the tutorial it will sometimes not give me the charisma and intelligence instruction.When it does I am no longer able to access the assignment screen of the girl even through hotkeys.I guess for those who don`t like reading it might not be as good but I actually prefer the reading, it lets me get more into it. excellent game / it takes time to play/too bad girls are old/more rooms would be better/girls have good characters/ the only difficult thing about the game is the purchase of the new version...............complicated :) im on the edge with this game its alittle boring just clicking buttons but in a way it keeps you from leaving you want to know what comes next, i believe its one of those games you wanna play on a rainy day when you dont really want to do much but dont feel like sleeping. I had posted a solution to the problem where you can`t buy a second building. Anyway, if you Google the following: "" second building ..first hit should take you to a post on the site forum, which outlines how you can fix this problem. " Mods, please contact me if this comment is in violation of site rules. Anyway, I had a lot of fun with this game - can`t wait for the sequel! I did not understand how to assign the girls to people, so a little help there would be nice. The animations were of anime quality, so that was a plus.Also loved how I could choose to be male or female. Wow, I don`t usually like these kind of games but I actually sat down and finished the game.

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