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In some cases the digital image shows the full stereo, in other cases, only half of the stereo displays, depending upon how the image was copied.At this point, over 8,000 stereographs have received this individual treatment, representing roughly 15 percent of the 52,000 stereos in the Prints & Photographs Division's organized holdings.In the case of the Leeson stereographs, captions and series numbers were handwritten on the mount at some earlier date, perhaps by Leeson himself.The name of the series of which the stereograph was a part is also given, if available, along with the stereograph's number within that series.Search the card and online catalogs under United States-History-Revolution-Registers, lists, etc.

Images made as stereo views are also found in some other online collections, including the Civil War Photographs, the Lawrence & Houseworth Collection, and the G.

To properly share them with the world in 3D, the library has launched a new tool called the Stereogranimator.

1865-1925, all but two of which depict scenes of New Orleans.

Klingenstein Library's collections are available through the Klingenstein Library's online catalog.

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