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Jazz had said the owner was quite brusque and unfriendly on the phone..if he was as intimidating in person?

Nanashima-san kindly let us in and then explained about his astounding audio system, which includes the same model speakers as used in the famous Abbey Road Studios in London.

With very infrequent local trains in the countryside and far distances, this was going to require pinpoint scheduling.

But Jazz joints don't open until noon at the earliest so I decided to zoom up on the shinkansen very early to go see Chusonji the spectacular 12th century temple in Hiraizumi village.

Philip and I debated whether to skip our train and wait for the later one but realized that Basie was so hypnotic and perfect that we'd likely stay all day and miss everywhere else.

I explained we had to go and catch the next train, we received an absurdly low bill of only ¥3000 (about US, when we easily drank enough to cost three times that) and then the waitress said to come along, she'd drive us to the station. I had to snap a pic with Sugawara-san before we left: What a thrill.

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