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On the flip side I have had to deal with some pretty blatant and not so blatant sexism in my group.

One of the guilds is male only, I’ve made my distaste over this known in several ways.

A friend and I had always loved the idea of European sword fighting, mostly influenced by books (Tamora Pierce), family history, movies etc. I loved it, we trained in a front yard with three guys, shinai and wasters and it was exactly what I was looking for.

We both thought only the UK, Europe and US had any real clubs, so we tried a bunch of martial arts, but never really settled. Full contact, technical, historical and modern at the same time.

My two main trainers are great, they take the time to consider the differences (as they do for each fighter in their groups) and find workarounds for me.

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I finally cleared in March 2014 against the national long sword champion and I kicked butt…well I had my arse handed to me but that’s kind of the point, rather I took it bloody well, kept getting back up and never stopped fighting!

I feel I shouldn’t have had to do that (even though it will only make me a better fighter).

I feel that I’ve had to prove myself twice as much in a lot of ways, especially in resilience, I feel I was held back from getting a clearance fight not because of a lack of skill but because somehow I’m more fragile or breakable as a female, physically and mentally.

Neither has any qualms about pushing me to my limits, dumping me on my arse or grappling with me till we both have each other in a leg head lock stalemate.

They only go easy on me when trying to show a technique and I’m under explicit orders to dump anyone who under estimates me on their arse…still working on that.

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