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These team activities are ones we have used for over 21 years!They are the very best of the small team games we have been using on all our events over the years. They are brilliant for: A great little ice breaker game to start a training session or meeting is "How I See Myself".A great variation would be to pull names out of a hat and write 5 adjectives for that person, put them back into the hat and repeat the above process. If it was easy to guess you'll know it's a fairly accurate view of how people see you.Sharon Naylor is passionate about ice breaker games and uses them extensively to kickstart training sessions, group meetings and team building.

Ask participants to bring their chairs into a circle and simply hand out a blank postcard to each person.

Is it for a group who do not know each other at all or a group that know each other a bit?

This is useful to know as you can take more risks with with a group that know each other and even more with groups that know each other well.

Of course, corporate icebreakers aren’t the only way to coax attendees out of their shells.

People specifically attend business events to network.

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