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JOANN SCHINDERLE (VICE, Laughs TV) & ALYSSA YEOMAN (Bumbershoot, SICC) invite you to mingle, flirt, meet cute, and then enjoy a first date comedy & music show with local babe hiphop artist, DONTE THOMAS.

The evening is set up for success, with a built in mingle hour, advice panel, audience participation speed dating (for those interested), live entertainment, and hopeful after-show make outs!

David: I run the fertility clinic at Blue Hill Memorial! Moderator Bryce: …you turn our kids into addicts behind dumpsters and you impregnate our women? Moderator Bryce: A woman can’t give consent if she’s hopped up on heroin! But I’m sure Castine’s Finest have plenty of questions they want you to answer. I suggest they start with how you can afford that silver Escalade with the gold rims parked outside. David: This is the first time I’m actually against Obamacare.

You just come up here from the streets of New York —David: I’m from Portland. But then I enrolled in two classes at community college, and I’m back on it until I’m 26.

Lauryn: Well, actually I didn’t know there was an event.

Well, why don’t you show me the celebrity headshot you’ve got there. Who out there has this famous lady’s significant other?

Date Switch is not responsible for what happens between any individuals at Date Switch speed dating events or in future meetings of any kind between two individuals who met at a Date Switch speed dating event. December 1,7: December 2,7: In the rare chance we have to cancel an event, you will be refunded or allowed to attend a different event.

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Kelly Anne: I was waiting for Corey by the dumpsters.

We KILLED it with a duet version of “Lady in Red” by Chris de Burgh, and fell in love over a plate of jalapeno poppers.

When you find that person, a round of drinks is on us, and let the sparks fly!

We’ll keep the Monkey Love going after a quick 10-minute break.

David: A) I don’t know where this dumpster shit came from. Moderator Bryce: Sorry for the brief disruption, folks.

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