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They love with a love that does not get affected by distance, nor time. My name isn't Yazi, like all my social media says it is. His eyes are often lowered as if he doesn’t know where to look. -...or: how Yuri and JJ cope with an ocean between them.He didn't think Phil would react badly, but Dan was still terrified. But that's only because I'm not out to my family yet. “'You are such a dork,' Beatrice tells him fondly, reaching out to lay her palm over her screen.So, to spice things up, I resorted to snarkily complimenting one fellow user on his ridiculous facial hair. I'm still anticipating my first Spanish performance artist or Tarot card reader – I hear there's one of them, too – to give me a truly elevating 10 minutes of talk. Surfing the site is like waiting for your favourite music video on MTV; it's amazing how much dross you can passively endure until you get to the good stuff.

Basically a collection of little scenes from the unexplored window of time between NMTD and LLL. A short Reylo drabble from inspiration that hit today regarding what may (or could have happened) during one of our couples "Force skype" sessions. Unfortunately, this is the situation college student Arthur Kirkland wakes up to. Emma is an insomniac loner who is a Personal Trainer. Their lack of sleep and love for coffee soon brings them together and after that they find it hard to part.What would you feel like if you woke up and everyone else around you is asleep? The good news is that he finds out a few people are in the exact same situation as him. This is a fic where coffee is taking to mythical levels, despite it’s bad effect on people with insomnia and people with babies - showing that sometimes what you need and want isn’t always the thing that is wholesome and harmless.It was only when her mother walked into her bedroom that he wondered how, exactly, the poor woman would feel about finding her daughter talking to a strange man on the internet.(Well, it beats finding her talking to a semi-erect penis.) He quickly pressed "Next".

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