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It is believed the spider which sank its toxic fangs into Mrs Coleman, was only a baby, despite its impact being far from small.The spider had bitten directly into an artery, injecting its poison straight into her bloodstream, so it raced through her body.Finally, after about three weeks, Mrs Coleman's body began to fight the infection and she gradually came to.

At the age of 14, already standing more than 6 feet tall, Clinton finally snapped.Her mother, Michelle Sanders, 57, was called and her family, including husband Allen, 33, were told she was very ill.Mrs Coleman, who has little memory of her time in hospital, said: 'I couldn’t believe it.The spiders are known for their powerful poison but are also said to be shy and not aggressive, with bites only happening because they share the same living space with humans.The spiders favour living in dark corners and also live under furniture, boxes and books. Bites from the spiders often result in a pimple-like swelling, although the worst ones can led to large lesions where surrounding tissue dies. They were coming every five minutes.'The doctors asked if I was pregnant, thinking the convulsions might be labour.

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