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An additional way to send in your monthly report is via the website, Fifth We DO NOT mail out monthly report´s if you lose them.

It is your responsibility to make sure you fill them out and send them in on time. In addition, make sure you have your ICON number on your monthly report. Travel outside the United States requires a travel permit signed by a Judge.

Probationers: You are eligible for early discharge when at least 1/2 of your probation period has been completed, all court-ordered requirements are completed, and financial obligations are paid in full.

Exceptions to this may include assaultive offenses or your court order says differently.

Numbers are taken in the order you report to the front window so the earlier you arrive, the lower number you get and the sooner you are seen.Contact your Probation Parole Officer at least 7 days before you are traveling (email is best).A travel permit requires the destination name, address, phone number, who you are going with, when you are leaving and returning, the purpose of the travel, vehicle information (year, make, model, color, license plate number) or flight information.It is, however, your responsibility to make sure that your PO receives verification.Everyone who is sentenced to probation is required to pay a supervision fee.

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