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Euskaltzaindia, the official regulatory institution of the Basque language, has agreed that between the two possible names existing in Basque, Bilbao and Bilbo, the historical name is Bilbo, while Bilbao is the official name.Although the term Bilbo does not appear in old documents, in the play The Merry Wives of Windsor by William Shakespeare, there is a reference to swords presumably made of Biscayan iron which he calls "bilboes", suggesting that it is a word used since at least the sixteenth century.In the Celtic world, horses enjoyed a prominent position as status symbols and objects of veneration, yet little is known about these Celtic horses except that they were rather small.The Late Iron Age was a time defined by increasing inter-cultural contact between Celtic peoples and the Romans.

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Additionally, ancient matrilineages were compared to modern horses from regions appertaining to the Late Roman Republic and to European pony breeds.The symbols of their patrimony are the tower and church used in the shield of Bilbao to this day.One possible origin was suggested by the engineer Evaristo de Churruca.He said that it was a Basque custom to name a place after its location.For Bilbao this would be the result of the union of the Basque words for river and cove: Bil-Ibaia-Bao.

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