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The documents and check must arrive 10 days before the pet’s arrival.

Since the documents cannot be prepared by your veterinarian more than 14 days prior to arrival you must send them by Federal Express to qualify for airport release of the pet.

This certificate must be issued by your veterinarian not more than 14 days prior to your arrival in Hawaii.

Good Health: The certificate must state that the pet is in good health and that it has been treated for Ticks not more than 14 days prior to arrival in Hawaii with the product Fibronil or an equivalent long lasting product.The Hawaii legislature recognizing the importance of traveling pet owners changed the rules so that visitors to the Islands could bring their pet along. Even thought they have not made it easy and it is expensive, if you prepare properly they will release your pet to you immediately upon arrival at the Honolulu airport.Step One – Veterinarian Certificate – Must be an original – no photocopies.Step Three – OIE-FAVN Rabies Blood Test You must have a certificate from an approved laboratory showing that the result of the test was greater than or equal to 0.5IU/ml.The certificate must show the pets microchip number.

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