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It's hard, and i agree with others, if he can get out in any situation, he is going to make opportunities.If he can not get a job then get him to volunteer - either with youth club or scouting which may mean he gets to experience other activities he might enjoy or to occupy at least one day a week through the summer get him into a charity shop.He even admitted he has never talked to one confidently in his whole entire life! I have the fear he will not do anything for New Year lf his 18th. he didnt go out and after college or weekends would spend all day in his bedroom. He saved all his money and used it to pay for driving lessons and get a car/insurance. " it's too late for me now, i just have memories of the droughts and have grown up to be an embarassing dad-dancer.he got a job and that really helped his confidence. my son is 17 and was a bit like this until a year ago, then we enrolled at the local gym and i bought him a bike.Also his friends have planned a day out in Blackpool on Sunday, and he has been to 2 Saturday night get together's at friends houses, and has tried a beer !He has also just rund and said he is going out to eat with his footy friends.It has also emerged that, on Tuesday, Lanza tried to buy an extra rifle to bulk up his arsenal at local sporting goods store, Dicks, where semi-automatic rifles are priced as low as .98 (£31).

I just think that some teens take longer to develop and we should should just allow them to do so at their own pace.Table top roleplaying is fun and educational plus having a few friends may help him have a look in your area for a group make sure they acept newbies Tabletop Role Playing and Board Games Meetup Groups - Tabletop Role Playing and Board Games Meetups RPG Game Find Forum - UK Role Players Julie you sound exactly the same as me, it's a nightmare isn't it.I'm thinking maybe a bit of tough love might have to be applied with my son soon- No xbox/iphone etc until you get out and do something, be it work or voluntary. I was like this however and hated college however a year later went to uni and made friends and had an active social life.I am worried sick I have tried loads of hobbies, a little job but he gives it all up and anything I suggest he doesn't want to do.I have even tried to apply for a voluntary job for him but he was not interested!!! Hiya find him a hobby i used to play table top roleplaying games with a group of people we would meet up once a week i would find other people there that had similar interests in video games.

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