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Francis Mission, on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation, in South Dakota.

“That’s the root of where everything’s at,” he said.

“You can’t even say that in the Navajo language.” Tome offers this not as an excuse for the Nation’s ban on same-sex marriages, but as a starting point for a discussion on reversing a 2005 Navajo law that prohibited plural marriages, unions between close relatives and marriages between “persons of the same sex.” The Dine Marriage Act of 2005, passed as then-President George W.

“The president regards Navajo gay people as a part of us.

We’re no different; we’re all the same.” That sentiment is shared by Jock Soto, a Navajo ballet dancer and teacher whose 2011 marriage to Luis Fuentes was covered by the Courtesy Manly, Stewart & Finaldi Among the many court documents filed in Native American lawsuits against the Catholic Church and its employees was a startlingly breezy letter between Church officials, discussing abuse of little girls by Brother Francis Chapman, or “Chappy,” at St.

The act, which passed unanimously through the Navajo Nation Council in April of 2005, was the first to define marriage.

“It went before the Council at a time when nationally there was a lot of discussion around gay marriage,” Tome said.

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