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University staff and faculty are also trained on how to respond to victims of sexual assault.

Educational materials about sexual assault and rape prevention may be found at various locations on campus, including the counseling center. Department of Justice show that the group of persons most victimized by sexual assault is college students between the ages of 16 and 19. The statistics also showed that a majority of sexual assaults involve acquaintance rape, which means the victim knew the person who raped them (it was their boyfriend, classmate, friend, co-worker or someone else with whom they were acquainted).

Conduct that occurs off campus can be the subject of a complaint or report and will be evaluated to determine whether it violates this Policy, e.g.

if off-campus harassment has continuing effects that create a hostile environment on campus.

Physical helplessness may be reached through the use of alcohol or drugs.

This Policy also addresses the requirements under the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013, (also known as the Campus Sa VE Act).

This Policy is not intended to substitute or supersede related criminal or civil law.

as well as their family members and friends, causing emotional as well as physical pain.

The University Counseling Center’s Sexual Assault Prevention Program not only promotes a rape-free campus culture, but also supports and protects the rights of victims of sexual assaults when they do occur.

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