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"His work ethic is sickening; it's out of control," says Jason Goldberg, the co-creator of . " Kutcher is standing in the doorway of the office, wearing pinstripe pants and no shirt. A few minutes later, Kutcher has put on a shirt and Mr. He'd have to have a girl in bed with him."As Kutcher gives me the guided tour of the house — pool, tennis court, a dog named Mr.

Kutcher is doing two TV shows simultaneously, developing a slate of movies and periodically hitting the town — although Kutcher says he always ends up talking business. Bojangles — he tells me about the last time heavy-duty firepower paid a visit to his property. Bush's twin daughters, and the Secret Service came along for the ride.

That's why I like doing — I get to meet all these celebrities." Kutcher, 25, has shaggy good looks, an unusually broad forehead and a talent for playing genial morons. This means that if most members of the American public have thought about his personality at all, they assume he's a sweet but dim guy who walks around in a cloud of marijuana smoke. "There were midgets, there were some fat chicks in the pool."Mr. 3 takes a seat behind the desk, where he talks about his plans for dominating the WWE. Jefferson, Kutcher's roommate and personal assistant. "If we were going to get him, it would have to be the most elaborate bit: ten snipers breaking through his windows with ropes and double-barreled shotguns.

In fact, Kutcher is the hardest-working prankster in Hollywood; he stopped smoking weed five years ago because he wanted to get more done. "Come on upstairs."I follow him into a small office, wondering whether I have the right house, looking around for hidden cameras that might be recording this scene for "We had a crazy, crazy party last night," says Mr. Kutcher has said that the goal of "The jackknife power bong," he says."What are you doing? And it wouldn't work if he was alone — he knows too much about where the hidden cameras are set up.

The show punk'd Justin Timberlake by convincing him that all his possessions were being confiscated for back taxes and punk'd Eliza Dushku by making her believe that she was about to get busted for shoplifting.

The idea for came out of Kutcher's inferiority complex.

(Other Kutcher jobs included sweeping cereal dust at the Cheerios factory and skinning deer for the butcher.) Christopher Ashton Kutcher was born February 7th, 1978.

"My newest one is Big Balls," Kutcher says ruefully.

He was fourteen when his parents divorced, which left him remarkably unscarred; his dad moved two houses down the street. "They couldn't have handled it better."The seeds of Kutcher's overachieving were planted in high school.

Kutcher's mom, Diane, worked on the Head & Shoulders assembly line for Procter & Gamble, while his dad worked on the Fruit Roll-Ups line for General Mills, so the family was well-stocked with both soap and cereal.

The Kutchers were big on teasing and giving each other nicknames, a family tradition that continues.

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