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Even if you break the law with your recording, that punishment is lower than a rape charge (research your state’s law for clarification on the matter).

The best advice I can give is not to show any hidden recordings to your friends and only use it when you’re facing a genuine accusation.

Not only will we be required to have bedroom hidden cameras, but even dashcam-style cameras we wear when speaking with women in public locations to prevent accusations of sexual harassment.

Things are about to get weird, but don’t count on anyone else to help defend you from the sexual dystopia we’re now facing.

I recommend college-aged males to put as much importance in buying a hidden camera as textbooks, especially if they’re sleeping with girls after alcohol consumption.

The threat is less for men out of college, but 0 is a trivial cost for complete peace of mind when a girl starts acting weird on you after sex or when you aren’t quite sure if she’s a feminist or mentally ill (the two seem to go hand in hand).

Once a DA prosecutor sees that footage, you’re as good as free and can then pursue a civil case against her if she has rich parents.

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Even though I live in Eastern Europe, where false rape accusations don’t exist, I’m ready to implement the camera precaution if conditions change.

If rape hysteria doesn’t taper down in the USA soon, I’m afraid it will begin spreading outside of the Anglo world.

Therefore to immediately destroy any accusation, you should provide a video recording that disproves it.

Video is far more reliable in disproving rape than friendly text messages or having witnesses confirm the girl was flirting with you in the bar before the sexual encounter.

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