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Early June 21, 2014, Pope Francis met with the family of a three year old boy and his grandfather who were both victims of a mafia outbreak back in January.

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This makes trade, illegal and legal, in and out of Italy easy, maybe even too easy.People are concerned that the Pope is in danger and that the mafia may retaliate against him.(Gallagher) The Italian Mafia gave rise to the economy in Italy because of groups of people that emerged in the 19th century called “mafie”, small armies that obtained money from landowners by threatening them that if they did not pay, great harm would be done to them.3.) What role does the Vatican city play in the history of the Italian Mafia?Opelia Gallagher, with CNN, reported on June 23, 2014 that Pope Francis excommunicated Italian mobsters from the Catholic church during a one day visit to Southern Italy.

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