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Yet most men fail miserably with great women right out of the gate by not behaving in a “balanced” way toward them…

going too far in one direction or another in what they say and do.

Basically, instead of being over the top with flashy gifts, expensive dinners, and obvious compliments, true thoughtfulness is telling her that you were thinking of her today when she wasn’t around(by the way…

if you’re thinking about her when she’s not around, don’t waste her time trying to become her boyfriend). Any high-wire artist will tell you that success is a delicate balancing act.

Of course, thoughtfulness means delivering attention and interest…but in heartfelt ways that she can’t predict, at the times she needs it most. If you’re chatty by nature, be sure to give her a chance to speak.Stay involved with your sports team or your after-school clubs. But how you handle the end of a relationship can be just as important as how you handled the beginning. On the other hand, if you do the breaking up, do it respectfully. “It’s a bit colder in a way, but it’s safer for her,” Kalish says.#2: The longer I continued to fail these tests, the more I started to feel like something wonderful was missing from my life — also known as having a great GIRLFRIEND.That in mind, here come the three secret “tests” that every woman uses (even if she doesn’t realize it) to determine whether you are boyfriend material: Test #1: Are You Present?

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