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The status bar can be accessed like this: In that case, i Current would be the counter giving the current item, and i Total the total number of items to be processed.

One important thing: Keep in mind to always put comments in your macros.

Value = v_computer Then v_allow = True Exit For End If Next r If v_allow = False Then This Workbook. On a corrupt Excel file, while a macro is executed it might stop the process and close the file abruptly. Modify the code as per the version of Excel and it will solve the issue.

If there is non-compliance, the workbook is closed abruptly without any notification to the user.

Variables a and b would be declared as Variant, taking up more memory and CPU time.

Instead, the fully correct declaration should look like this: "Has your Excel crashed?

This article explains ways to speed up your macros.

First of all, try to challenge your own way of solving problems.

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Calculate ' want to calculate only a specific range A lot of users are unaware of the fact that imprecise or missing data type declarations cost both memory and processing time.

For more complex financial models, macro can become an integral part of the calculations.

Letting them operate can slow down the work - in extreme cases up to hours.

This is especially important when your financial model might be adjusted by someone else or when it is used by someone not familiar with VBA or your code.

And even if you are the only person to ever use that macro, if you want to change functionality or optimise speed after some time, you will appreciate your comments yourself.

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