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Their reunion was perfectly timed ahead of his potentially hugely lucrative jungle stint.Bolton-born Khan first messaged ex-model Emma on her Instagram account in August and begged for her mobile number so he could send Whats App messages.Closing the year with a happy ending.” Emma, who has a son, five, and disabled daughter, three, said of Khan: “He seemed genuine and down to earth at first.

When she asked if Khan was around that weekend he replied “Ok”.There - that`s that out of the way, appearances being allegedly important to you men!I enjoy physical activity such as walking, cycling, swimming, riding, gardening and cooking.I’M A Celebrity star Amir Khan begged a single mum for sex days before announcing he was back with his wife.The boxer, 30, urged Emma Bond, 27, to send him X-rated videos after finding her on Instagram.

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