Scientific validity of carbon dating

The key points of the book can be summarized as follows: 1.There is overwhelming evidence of more than 500 million years worth of radioactive decay. Biblical interpretation and some scientific studies indicate a young earth. Therefore, radioactive decay must have been accelerated by approximately a factor of one billion during the first three days of creation and during the Flood. The concept of accelerated decay leads to two unresolved scientific problems, the heat problem and the radiation problem, though there is confidence that these will be solved in the future. Therefore, the RATE project provides encouragement regarding the reliability of the Bible.Chapter 9 covers a statistical determination of genre in biblical Hebrew to substantiate the young-earth interpretation of Genesis.Chapter 10 summarizes the project with conclusions and recommendations.This paper, from Perspectives on Science & Christian Faith (June 2007, pp. For twenty-eight years he worked in the silicon technology industry at IBM, where he held various posts such as VP of Science and Technology at the IBM Thomas J. 765–9, are sufficient to grasp the essence of the book.

Criteria for selecting reviewers include, whenever possible, those who are in agreement with the biblical viewpoint of the researcher. in solid-state physics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.The first chapter is an introduction and provides an overview of the RATE program.They acknowledge the unresolved dilemma of extraordinary heat production from such high decay rates with their assertion of a rapid cooling rate to form the granite.What they did not recognize is that the presence of uranium also seems to provide a reasonable explanation for the source of the polonium and polonium halos with normal decay rates and standard ages of granite.

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