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Surprisingly, even among well-educated scientists, experts in their own fields, questions concerning the fundamental truths of the theory of evolution are bubbling to the surface.Obviously, the theory of evolution remains a very popular explanation of origins, especially among most scientists.When the dna is sampled by the testing lab, tiny chemical markers on the chromosone create a distinctive pattern.This pattern is known as a haplotype, and it distinguishes one male line from another.If we do find ourselves learning, changing, and growing in our understanding of the world around us, does this not mean that we are subject to that world and to what our senses and reason tell us about it?If these predictions hold true, the hypothesis is strengthened in its usefulness as a predictive tool, but it can never be absolutely confirmed since we remain subjective creatures (subject to our senses and to indirect interpretations of what they are telling us).Or, it is true that some things can only be believed based on a "faith" that goes beyond science?There are many variations within both camps as well as many theories that contain elements from both, but very few theories concerning the origin and diversity of living things exist outside of these two main camps.

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But is it all really as clear as many have come to believe?The main features and results of these different 'genealogy tests' are examined briefly below.This page is intended to provide an overview of current heritage dna testing options.If the haplotype is shared with another individual, it can indicate that the two have a common ancestor.It does not, however, confirm which ancestor, nor the exact degree of the relationship.

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