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The two kept their engagement a secret for months and when they wed in September 2008, she was just 23, he was 31.

During the marriage, Scarlett landed a role that would make her the highest-grossing actress in the world: And apparently, he grew jealous of his wife’s career.

“With Ryan: too hard to be with another actor; with Romain: too hard not to be.” A French source revealed, “Romain was a stay-at-home dad on Mom’s schedule — he had to fly to sets whenever Scarlett beckoned.

Eventually he got tired of being a back-seat husband.” Insiders claim that he was shocked when Scarlett went public with divorce proceedings earlier this year and declared their union “irretrievably broken.” But once the A-lister is done, she is done.

Scarlett, however, has been espousing various versions of a quote gave: “I don’t think it’s natural to be a monogamous person.” In June, she was with entertainment lawyer Kevin Yorn. In 2003, the then-19-year-old paired off with actor James Holzier. Scarlett Johansson files for divorce from French husband IN 2007, rumours swirled of a hookup between Scarlett and Justin Timberlake after she appeared in his song .

But reports from the next year included a fling with “When Scarlett was with Jared, they were very playful,” said a source. But that changed when she got with Ryan the same year.

“Colin’s smart, successful, and unpretentious,” they feel, and his dating history includes only one other celebrity. Scarlett Johansson bounces back from failed marriage and heartache Since her teen years, Scarlett has rarely been single. “They spend a lot of time in hotel rooms, alone.” The two shared a low-key romance from 2005 to 2006 until scheduling conflicts led to their split.

2008-2011Our girl goes straight from Hartnett to Ryan Reynolds, whom she marries. 2011Scarlett gets divorced and goes to Mexico with Sean Penn.

2012Scarlett begins dating Nate Naylor, a New York ad exec who, according to those who know him, has an eye for risqué art and looks like Morrissey in his prime. For contextualization sake, I’ve only ever been compared to Matthew Perry, but less during his prime, and more during the years he was coked out on co-host Colin Jost as late as May, which everyone sort of universally agrees to be a huge win for Colin Jost. Ok, time to return to our original question: How did we get here?

Still, Colin probably shouldn’t get too comfortable.

“Scarlett [has] that masculine need for romantic freedom,” said her stylist.

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